AeroBolt II 200 for Scorpyd (3-arrow)

Aerobolt II 200 for Scorpyd is built to be the standard bolts with lighted nock system for Scorpyd crossbow owners to  unleash the full power of your Scorpyd crossbow. With no point and no vane, Aerobolt II 200 (22") is 284 grain. Aerobolt II 200 (AB2-200) is equipped with AeroConcept System and Extreme Shock End Cap.  The AeroConcept System makes AB2-200 having a variable spine design; Front is about 0.050" and Back is 0.200". This variable spine design makes AB2-200 stops flexing soon after it is shot and behaving like a gyro with the spin caused by Aerovane II. As a result of AeroConcept, Self Concentric Technology, AeroPoint and Aerovane, AB2-200 for Scorpyd can fly straighter and further than any other bolts available on the market at the same launch speed.

Features of Aerobolt II 200 for Scorpyd:

  • Spine indexed for repeatable accuracy
  • AeroConcept System for less oscillation, straighter and flatter flight
  • AeroPoint with Self Concentric Technology pre-installed
  • Firenock Q lighted nock pre-installed for clear visible flight
  • Fletched with Aerovane™ II for no drag maximum spin


  • 3 Aerobolt II 200 at 22" (with AeroInsert AID30A in Aluminum, Carbon Inner Tube CTI300 at 7.5", Aerovane II in 3 fletch)
  • 3 Stainless AeroPoint 9mm 100grain
  • 3 Firenock Q lighted nock in red
  • 3 Spare plain Q nock in red
  • 3 BL Battery


  • Firenock AeroConcept System cannot be removed as it is a part of the AB2-200 in the manufacturing process.
AeroBolt II 200 for Scorpyd (3-arrow)
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  • Item #: AB2SPD
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AB2SPD
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Price $146.90