Designed in US Illinois, Aerovane is the first ever vane that employed Airfoil Technology for archery arrows (US Patent # 8105189).  Aerovane does not look like and does not work like traditional vanes.  Aerovane is not flat, but instead, it is shaped like an airplane wing and works like an airplane wing.  Traditional vanes use drag to induce arrow rotation, but there is a huge loss in energy and speed of your arrow.  Aerovane, however, with Airfoil Technology, not only induces or initiates arrow rotation but also maintains it.  With its ability to retain that arrow rotation, there is virtually no loss in energy and speed.  Additionally, Aerovane flies quieter than traditional vanes.  While it's lower half is designed like an airplane wing, its upper half, the wing itself, takes heavily from an owl's wing, the only bird that can fly completely silently.  Aerovane will make your archery projectile fly flatter and straighter, more accurate and quiet.  You can shoot Aerovane with confidence.