Ti LimbSaver for Split Limb Bow

LimbSaver Broadband with Titanium fastener can further reduce the sound and vibration of your bow. These dampeners are extremely effective and could be the very thing that save you in a hunt and allow you to take another shot. They respond over the hearable frequency from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz meaning they stop both high-end and low-end vibration.  The new low profile design with interchangable color bands not only looks good, but is space saving and lightweight. They are very easy to install and can be done in minutes. Also these dampeners come with Firenock Titanium screws for rust proof, lighter weight, better shock dampening and better durability.

Note: This LimbSaver is for Spilt Limb Bow only.

Ti LimbSaver for Split Limb Bow
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  • Item #: TiLSBB
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TiLSBB
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Price $25.00