AeroInsert A for 0.202"-0.204" ID arrow (12-pack)

AeroInsert A for 0.202”-0.204" ID (AIA20) is specially made for arrows with 0.202"-0.204" ID (e.g. Gold tip Kinetics; Easton axis arrow, MFX or any arrows that can fit Firenock A nock, Easton X nock or Gold tip Accutough nock). AIA20 is available in different materials to match your requirement.

For light weight and high speed, AIA20A in Aluminum weighs 22 grain (+/-0.5) grain.

For heavier FOC, AIA20S in Stainless weighs 56.5 (+/-0.5) grain.  

For utlimate strength with optimum weight, AIA20T in GR5 Titanium weighs 35 (+/-1) grain.

Features of AeroInsert A for 0.202"-0.204"ID

  • Self Concentric Technology
  • Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology to prevent mushrooming effect
  • CNC machined for extra hardness and accuracy
  • Hard anodized with laser marking (for Aluminum only)
  • Large Adhesive Surface
  • Designed in US Illinois and US Patented (# 8403777)


  • 12 pcs AeroInsert A for 0.202"-0.204"ID in Aluminum / Stainless / GR5 Titanium


  • Clean arrow shaft with acetone before installation.
  • To perfectly install AeroInsert A is simple, one just needs to square the front end of the arrow / chamfering it using Firenock Chamfering Tool to ensure the AeroInsert Reverse Tapered Shoulder covering the outside diameter of the arrow front end and then glue AeroInsert-A into the arrow with a 2 part slow set epoxy.  
  • Slow set epoxy is epoxy that needs 24 hrs cure, 1 hr work time (e.g. Firenock Aerovane Epoxy AGUSSE, Loctite 1405603, Devcon 2-ton Slow curing Epoxy, Henkel 1147735, PC products PC-7 tow-part Heavy Duty Epoxy, Permatex 84107).
AeroInsert A for 0.202"-0.204" ID arrow (12-pack)
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