ABSSJ (AeroBow String Serving Jig)
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ABSSJ (AeroBow String Serving Jig)

Price: $250.00
  • Item #: ABSSJ0
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ABSSJ0
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ABSSJ v1.2 is the latest version of the original ABSSJ.  ABSSJ v1.2 is equipped with string lock for holding the string in place, meanwhile the new spool holder has handles for easy drag adjustment with or without the jig body.  Like the original ABSSJ, ABSSJ v1.2 is equipped with a high-performance 9-element drag system (5 Graphite-weaved washers and 4 Titanium washers), which allows the serving tension to be set up to 400% higher than average.


  • 1 Main Body
  • 1 Spool Shaft with Drag System


  • The video above utilizes ABSSJ v1.2 with thread and spool (thread and spool not included).
  • ABSSJ v1.0 is now $170.00 (which does not have the latest features i.e. string lock and spool holder handles).
  • Spare spool and spool shaft can be purchased separately.


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