Firenock, as a premium nock company, has always felt like a tire company.  To fit every customer's needs, we must create "tires", or products, to fit their "rims" of unknown shapes and sizes.  Over the years, many of our customers have told us that our nock to string fit is not ideal.  This led us to delve deeper and do some research.  As a result of our research, we decided that there is nothing wrong with our nocks, but with, instead, the string itself.  Issues like inconsistency after spool change or server changes were brought to our attention.   How could we solve these inconsistencies?  We concluded that the true problem lied in the fact that, today, there is a lack of a string standard; so we built one.  We at Firenock present the AeroBow String Serving Jig, designed to handle the high volume, high demand, and high tension process of string building (involving the need to constantly hold pressure up to 5 KgF for an extended period of time) and create a new string standard.