APS (Arrow Preparation System)
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APS (Arrow Preparation System)

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  • Item #: APSST0
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: APSST0
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APS uses with the same angled sealed ball bearings as used on PAPS.  The crowned ball bearings make the APS arrow support more rigid, thus give you better power control while grinding and squaring and also eliminate the play found in the previous APS arrow support (which utilized a brass shoulder screw and standard linear ball bearings).
APS (Arrow Preparation System) is a compact, high precision, and user-friendly 6-in-1 tool:

  1.     Arrow spinner
  2.     Arrow front-end arrow shaft squaring tool
  3.     Arrow insert squaring tool
  4.     Arrow nock end with/without fletching squaring tool
  5.     Outsert hydro flow installation tool
  6.     Broadhead concentric checking/tuning tool

Now, arrow preparation can be done quickly and accurately without an additional tool.


  •     1 Track base
  •     2 Arrow supports with crowned ball bearings
  •     1 Squaring / Grinding block


  • For arrows with spin lighter than 400, it is advised to add a third support roller
  • For arrow with spine lighter than 600, it is recommended to have a total of 4 support rollers

Note: APS does not come with any adhesive sandblaster/sandpaper.

Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 7,013,772

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