AeroBushing (12)
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AeroBushing (12)

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  • Item #: ABU2*
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ABU2*
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    AeroBushing is CNC machined and made of 7075-T5 Aluminum to address the needs for ultra lightweight and consistent archery projectile.  AeroBushing US Patented "Square in a Circle Technology" will force the arrow to be concentric with the Aerobushing once assembled.  Unlike a normal bushing or 23/64" size which is about 12 grain, the AeroBushing is just about 8 grain by itself.   The total weight of AeroBushing installed with Firenock A style nock is only about 13 grain.  AeroBushing is also featured with Umbrella Cap design and Reverse Tapered Collar Technology to protect and strengthen the back end of your arrow against hit and fraying of carbon fiber of your arrow.

Features of AeroBushing

  • Self Concentric Technology
  • Super light weight (only 8 grain for 23/64” size)
  • Perfect fit Square in a Circle Technology
  • Reverse Tapered Collar Technology to strengthen the arrow back end
  • Umbrella Cap design to protect the arrow back end
  • CNC machined 7075-T5 Aluminum for extra hardness and accuracy
  • Firenock A style nock ready
  • Firenock lighted nock system ready
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Accept standard 8-32 threads field point and broadhead
  • Designed in IL US and US Patented 8,951,152 & 9,212,875


  • 12 pcs AeroBushing in Aluminum
AeroBushingCompatible Arrow(s)AeroBushing WeightColor
ABU23A CX CXL, Easton Fat Boy ~8.5 gn / 0.55 g Silver
ABU23B Black Eagle Challenger, PS23 ~8.0 gn / 0.52 g Black
ABU235 Gold Tip MAX NINE.3, Easton Super Drive 23 ~ 7.5 gn / 0.49 g Black
ABU24A CX Line Jammer, Gold Tip X Cutter, Victory NVX25/HV ~9.4 gn / 0.61 g Silver
ABU25A Gold Tip 30X ~14.0 gn / 0.91 g Silver
ABU260 Black Eagle PS26 ~ 12 gn / 0.78 g Black
ABU265 Gold Tip XXX ~15.5 gn / 1.00 g Black
ABU27A Black Eagle Magnum, Easton Full Bore ~15.75 gn / 1.02 g Black


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