AeroConcept System with AeroPoint
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AeroConcept System with AeroPoint

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  • Manufacturer: Firenock
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    The beauty of AeroConcept System is that it can strengthen and stiffen (i.e. increase spine) the front end of arrow shaft without adding much weight to the entire arrow shaft, meanwhile AeroConcept System can shorten the arrow oscillation cycle (i.e. your arrow will fly flatter and straighter than arrow without AeroConcept System).  Furthermore, AeroPoint Self concentric Technology will self concentric and align itself to the arrow shaft once it is installed into the arrow shaft.
    With AeroConcept System, precise adjustment of the entire arrow weight can be achieved by adjusting the length of the Carbon Inner Tube.&nbsp A longer Carbon Inner Tube results in greater weight and faster arrow straightness recovery or vice versa.
    For an example, AeroInsert AIAD31A (20 grain) with 6 inch Carbon Inner Tube CTI310 (6 x 5.9 = 35.4 grain) installed with AeroPoint AP0459 (9 mm, 45 grain) can resemble a common 100 grain glue in point!

AeroConcept System can fit the following arrow shaft ID:

  • 0.202" ID for Black Eagle Rampage, Easton Axis, FMJl, Gold Tip Kinetcis, Victory RIP, Carbon Express Maxima etc.
  • 0.244" ID for Black Eagle Carnivor, Gold Tip Pro Hunter, Victory V Force, HV, Carbon Tech Cheeta, Rhino etc.
  • 0.300" ID for Gold Tip 22, Victory 22
  • 0.315" ID for Black Eagle Challenger, Easton FatBoy


  • 12 pcs AeroPoint
  • 12 pcs AeroInsert D / H
  • 12 pcs Carbon Inner Tube

How to select your AeroConcept System with AeroPoint:

  1. Select your AeroPoint size and weight for your AeroConcept System
  2. Select your AeroConcept System with reference to your arrow shaft ID

Remarks: CTI = Carbon Inner Tube, AID = AeroInsert D, AIH = AeroInsert H (the following letters L/A/S/T mean Light version, Aluminium, Stainless, Titanium)


  • Clean the component and shaft with acetone before installation.
  • Firenock Epoxy AGUSSE is recommended to install AeroConcept System successfully.
  • Do not use fast set GEL or fast set epoxy to install the system as layer separation and extreme inconsistency will result.

AIH2LT (204 light verison in titanium) is out of stock as of now.

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