AeroPoint 6mm Destroyer (6)
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AeroPoint 6mm Destroyer (6)

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  • Item #: APxxx6
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: APxxx6
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Destroyer™ AeroPoint US Patented Double O-ring System / FACT Technology (other patent pending) will self concentric AeroPoint to your arrow once it is assembled.  Destroyer AeroPoint is available in different weight at 6mm diameter which they will fit perftecly on a Destroyer AeroInsert-H.   Come in stainless for durability and hardness 

Features of AeroPoint

  • Angled Forward and reverser tapered shoulder (Pat P)
  • Self Concentric Technology
  • Perfect match with FACT broad-heads
  • CNC machined for toughness and accuracy
  • Harden to at least 52 HRC for duirablity
  • Double O-ring System
  • Designed in Illinois and US Patented (# 8337341)
  • Comes only in 6mm to fit ADH31S or ADH31T Destroyer AeroInsert-D
  • Avaialble in weight of 45, 55, 65 and 75 grains


  • 6 pcs AeroPoint in Stainless
  • 12 pcs O-ring


  • Always add a small amount of lubricant on O-rings for ease of screwing AeroPoint into Insert / Outsert of your arrow.
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