Aerobolt™ II-200 v2.0 20"(3)
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Aerobolt™ II-200 v2.0 20"(3)

Price: $85.00
  • Item #: AB2202
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AB2202
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Aerobolt II-200 v2.0(AB2-200) is built for even more flight stability and down range speed than AeroBolt II-200.  Aerobolt AB2-200 v2.0at 22" with AeroConcept System 2.0 and 3 Aerovane II is over just over 298 grain.  AB2-200v2.0 is made to be better than any other bolts as it has 0.001" straightness via special manufacturing process. AeroConcept System v2.0 makes this arrow having a variable spine design which means the spine in the front and back is different from the back and the center. This variable spine design makes AB2-200 v2.0 stops flexing even sooner than what AB2-200 does.  This lead to ever earlier behave like a gyro when fletched with Aerovanes.  These special features make AB2-200 v2.0 flies straighter and further than AB2-200 which is already the leader of crossbow bow arrow in longer hang time, flatter trajectory, and higher kinetic energy retaining on the market.

Features of AB2-200 v2.0:

  • Spine indexed for repeatable accuracy
  • AeroConcept System v2.0 for even less oscillation, straighter and flatter flight than AeroConcept System v1.0
  • Fletched with Aerovane™ II, or III
  • Firenock lighted nock system ready
  • AeroPoint ready

Technical specification:

  • Main shaft spine rate is 0.200" base on a 28" spread. Thus it is named AeroBolt II-200
  • Utilize the newly patent AeroCocept v2.0
  • The main shaft is 9.00 grain per inch
  • Carbon Inner Tube is 8.22 grain per inch
  • Only available in 20" at this time
  • AV2-200v2 at 20" is about 300 grains without nock or point.


  • Three arrows of Aerobolt II-200 (available from 16" to 32")


  • Firenock AeroConcept System v2.0 cannot be removed as it is part of the AB2-200 v2.0 in the manufacturing process.
  • If you choose to have Firenock lighted nock with your order, you can choose C, D2, F, J, M, V, U, or Q style.  For your ref, Firenock D2 with extreme shock end cap, battery and circuit will add 33 grain to the arrow. Please call (815) 780-1695 for more details.
  • For a custom building of AB2-200v2.0 is not available on the Web Store, please call (815) 780-1695 for details.
  • Custom vane color and non-common length AeroBolts are not returnable/refundable due to their custom nature.  Exchanged can only be made if they are found to be defective. Standard lengths of Aerobolt II 200v2.0 is 20".
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