Aerobolt™ II Dragon Slayer (3)
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Aerobolt™ II Dragon Slayer (3)

Price: $114.00
  • Item #: AB2_DS
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AB2_DS
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The most advanced crossbow arrow
Aerobolt™ II Dragon Slayer Crossbow arrow (AB2-DS) is the big brother of Aerobolt II 200 (AB2-200). Aerobolt II Dragon Slayer is built for maximum flight stability and speed and is loaded with Firenock advanced components and technologies: AeroPoint, Aerovane, AeroConcept System, Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology (FACT), AeroPoint and Firenock lighted nock system ready.

Extra heavy weight
A typical 24" Aerobolt II Dragon Slayer without Field Point is ~ 620 grain while AB2-DS at 26" without vane and nock can weight over 700 grain or close to 30 grain per inch.

Unique three shafts construction
Aerobolt II Dragon Slayer has unique shaft construction.  Its shaft consists of 3 carbon shafts, and they are bonded together to have a 0.001" straightness via our advanced manufacturing process.  Unlike Aerobolt II 200, AB2-DS does not have a variable spine design which means the spine at the front end is the same as the back end.  The spine of the entire bolt is about 0.040". In other words, it virtually does not flex during flight, and thus it can achieve extreme momentum and energy conservation base on weight.

Featured with Aerovane II or Aerovane III
Aerobolt II Dragon Slayer is fletched with Aerovane™ II / Aerovane™ III as standard configuration.  All Aerovane™ are fletched with Aerovane™ Jig and Aerovane™ Glue AG0600.

Pre-installed with AeroInsert in Stainless Steel
For maximum strength and penetration power, AB2-DS is pre-installed with AeroInsert D (Stainless, 50 grain), AeroPoint (Stainless, 9mm 100 grain) and extreme shock end cap.  FYI, AeroPoint is equipped with Firenock US Patented FACT Technology, so AeroPoint is automatically concentric to shaft once assembled even without tuning, and it will not be loosened even after repeated shooting.

Ready to fit Firenock lighted nock system
Aerobolt II Dragon Slayer is ready to fit Firenock lighted nock system. Firenock offers different styles of nock for AB2-DS to fit your specific bow or nock requirement.

To summarize, the ultimate performance and accuracy of Aerobolt II Dragon Slayer are achieved by high precision components, unique design, and construction or in other words excellent concentricity and ultra high energy efficiency.


  1. The final weight, length of the shaft is hand marked on the shaft as each shaft is custom built and the final weight is within 3 grain per order.
  2. If you choose to have Firenock lighted nock with your order, you can choose D, F, J, V, or Q style lighted nock 3-pack with batteries for US$66.95 as an option. For more details, please contact us.
  3. For four vanes configuration, the opposite 1st and 3rd vane will be the same color as there are only three color choices.
  4. For custom vane color of AeroBolt, they are not returnable/refundable due to their custom nature; they can only be exchanged if they are found to be defective.
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