Aerobolt™ III-200 (3)
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Aerobolt™ III-200 (3)

Price: $75.00
  • Item #: AB3200
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AB3200
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Firenock Aerobolt III-200 (AB3-200) is the pinnacle of the design and approach of what Firenock had learned for the last nine years on crossbow arrow building.  It is built for maximum flight stability and speed beyond what AeroBolt had achieved.  AB3-200 is made to be better than AeroBolt-200 as it is built with AeroWeave Technology (please visit our website AeroWeave pages for more details).   Similar to AB2-200, AB3-200 is equipped with AeroConcept System which makes AB3-200 having a variable spine design (i.e. the spine in the front is different than at the back; Front is about 0.050" and Back is about 0.200").  This proven and multi-patented variable spine design makes AB3-200 stops flexing soon after it is shot. Due to the non-torsion ability of AeroWeave shaft design, the crossbow arrow only flex in the vertical axis and thus the accuracy of the projectile is further enhanced.  These features make AB3-200 flies even straighter and flatter trajectory than AB2-200.



Features of AB3-200:

  • Use AeroWeave 4-layers construction shaft with which three of the layers are cross weaved
  • Spine indexed for repeatable accuracy
  • AeroConcept System for less oscillation, straighter, and flatter flight
  • Fletched with Aerovane™ II / Aerovane™ III 
  • Firenock lighted nock system ready
  • Comes standard with AIH3LA at 18 grains
  • Comes standard with 6" of CTI30L at 45 grains
  • All components glued by AGUSSE glue via vacuum diaphragm process
  • Due to higher cost, AeroBolt III does not include any AeroPoint as standard equipment.

Technical specification:

  • Main shaft spine rate is 0.200" base on a 28" spread, thus it is named AeroBolt III-200
  • Main shaft is 0.300" ID at 11.1 grain per inch
  • Carbon Inner Tube is 7.1 grain per inch
  • Available in a maximum length of 22"


  • 1 purchase = 3 arrows of Aerobolt III-200 (available from 16" to 22")


  • Firenock AeroConcept System cannot be removed as it is part of the AB3-200 in the manufacturing process.
  • If you choose to have Firenock lighted nock with your order, you can choose C, D2, F, J, M, U, V, or Q style.  For your ref, Firenock D with extreme shock end cap, battery and circuit will add 33 grain to the arrow. Please call (815) 780-1695 or for more details.
  • For a custom building of AB3-200 (i.e. not listed in options), please call (815) 780-1695 for details.
  • For 2 and 4 vanes configuration, when choosing vane colors, the opposite 1st and 4th vane will be the same color as these are only three color choices.
  • Custom vane color and non-common length AeroBolts are not returnable/refundable due to their custom nature. They can only be exchanged if they are found to be defective. Standard lengths of Aerobolt III 200 are 20" and 22".
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