Aerovane AG0600 with Luer Lock Tip (CA glue)
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Aerovane AG0600 with Luer Lock Tip (CA glue)

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  • Item #: AG0600
  • Manufacturer: Aerovane
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AG0600
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Aerovane AG0600 is the best fletching glue to fletch Aerovane as well as any vanes.  AG0600 is a CA instant super glue, but unlike other CA / fletching glues, AG0600 contains no stabilizer to extend its shelf life, thus it is more powerful than any other fletching glues available on the market.  As there is no stabilizer, AG0600 has a shelf life of 1 year from the date of manufacture.  The best before date is clearly stated on the package, so you know how fresh your glue is.


  • 1 Bottle of ~20 gram glue
  • 1 Luer Lock cap
  • 1 Luer Lock stainless tip


  • This product should be stored at 25º C (77º F) and kept out of direct sunlight. 
  • This product should be stored in the original, closed container before use.
  • Best before date is printed on the front of the package. Shelf life is ~12 months from the manufacture date when stored in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to meet or exceed bonding capability.
  • AG0600 adhesive residue on arrows can be removed by soaking it in 100% pure acetone till residue becomes soft and then wipe clean with a cotton ball.
  • Well ventilated working environment is recommended when using Aerovane AG0600.
  • Do not clean tip with acetone as acetone residue will ruin the glue.
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