Aerovane Fletching Flask Set (Acetone safe)
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Aerovane Fletching Flask Set (Acetone safe)

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Aerovane Fletching Flask Set is the best companion for you to fletch Aerovane while using Acetone as a cleaning agent.  Acetone is found by Firenock to be the best medium to clean and prepare arrow shaft before fletching / refletching.  Furthermore, Acetone will clean arrows fletched with AG0600 and AG0GEL effectively as AGO600 and AG0GEL are 100% acetone dissolvable.  

Firenock Fletching Flask set consists of 3 flasks (1 x 125 ml and 2 x 500 ml):

  • The 125 ml bottle is for dipping Q-tips in acetone to clean vane base just before applying AG0600 or AG0GEL.
  • The 1st 500 ml is for dip cleaning of brand new arrow shaft before fletching.
  • The 2nd 500 ml bottle is for dip cleaning of used shafts (i.e. shafts for refletching) which may have glue residue on them.


  • One should use each flask of acetone for specific purpose as mix use of the flasks will cross contaminate the acetone and make fletching of Aerovane unsuccessful and may even ruin the glue.
  • One should dip arrows into the flask for at least 10 seconds and even minutes to remove any oil or glue residue and then air dry the arrows completely before applying glue.
  • One should clean flask and replace acetone after prolong use or if fletching become unsuccessful.
  • It is recommended to replace acetone once after cleaning 20 to 30 dozens of arrow.
  • Flasks with acetone should be stored up straight, otherwise acetone will leak out from the flask cap even tightened.


  • Clear polymethylpentene (PMP) Erlenmeyer flask with polypropylene screw cap for titration or preparation and storage of medium.
  • Flasks are autoclavable and able to withstand temperatures from 0 to 150 degrees C (32 to 302 degrees F).
  • Molded-in markings indicate approximate volume of media.

Flask can be purchased as set or individually, please select the option below.

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