Aerovane III Pack (18 pcs / 100 pcs)
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Aerovane III Pack (18 pcs / 100 pcs)

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  • Manufacturer: Aerovane
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Aerovane is the first ever vane that shaped like an airplane wing and it works like an airplane wing. Thus Aerovane does not work like traditional vanes which use drag to induce arrow rotation. Aerovane utilizes Aerodynamic to initiate arrow rotation, so virtually no loss of speed and energy. Aerovane flies quieter than other traditional vanes as Aerovane is modeled after an owl's wing.  Aerovane can make your archery projectile flatter and straighter and your shots will be accurate and quiet. You can shoot Aerovane with confidence.

Aerovane III carries most of the features of Aerovane II, plus a few more advanced features such as incorporation of unique winglet, 4 Aerodynamic different texture zones and better crosswind handling ability etc. 


  • 18 pcs / 100 pcs Aerovane III in 1 out of 12 colors


  • Aerovane III should be fletched straight to function.
  • Aerovane III should be fletched with Aerovane Jig and Aerovane Straight Stainless Steel Clamp.
  • Aerovane III will function with arrow speed no less than 280 fps when fletch straight.
  • Aerovane III works best with bow which has close to perfect nock travel.
  • Aerovane III works best with arrow length not shorter than draw length.
  • Aerovane III CANNOT work with worn out Whisker Biscuit arrow rest.
  • Aerovane III will function as low as 150 fps with 1.5 degree offset.
  • Aerovane III will have a higher broadhead requirement than Aerovane II due to Aerovane III has a much higher rotational lift (spin rate) than Aerovane II.
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