Aerovane Jig Carrying Case
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Aerovane Jig Carrying Case

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  • Item #: AVJGBG2
  • Manufacturer: Aerovane
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AVJGBG2
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Aerovane Jig bag is specially made and designed to store Aerovane Jig perfectly and to easy carry your Aerovane Jig & its accessories while you go hunting / target shooting.  The bag material is rip-stop fabric and the cover is decorated with 3D embroidery. 

The Aerovane jig bag consists of 2 main compartments, the upper one is for Aerovane Jig main parts and the lower one for accessories.  Inside each of the compartments are fitted with precision water cut foam (proudly made in Lowa, USA) to securely hold Aerovane Jig and accessories in position.  The top cover of both compartments are  padded for additional protection. 

The upper and lower compartments of Aerovane Jig bag can even be separated for easy carry. To separate the Aerovane Jig bag, one just needs to unzip the middle connection zipper and the Aerovane Jig bag can be separated into 2 small bags.  The upper bag is fitted with a handle for easy carry,  so one can take the Aeorvane Jig main parts and essential accessories to suit one’s need to fletch an arrow in the field. The upper bag cover is also equipped with a meshed zipper bag for small accessories such as cotton tips and vanes, so one can see what have been packed.   Aerovane Jig bag is designed with hunters’ mind and is a perfect companion of your Aerovane Jig.


  • 1 Aerovane Jig Bag with water cut foam
  • 1 Acetone safe bottle 

Note: Aerovane Jig bag is not designed to be shock proof or waterproof, please do not drop your bag or leave your bag in rain.

Products and accessories shown inside the bag are not included and they are sold separately.

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