Aerovane Jig Hook
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Aerovane Jig Hook

Price: $14.95
  • Item #: ASH***
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: A*H***
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4 Aerovane Jig Hooks are offered to fit most arrow sizes available on the present market.  Among the 4 Aerovane Jig Hooks, 3 are slide type, and 1 is adjustable type. The slide types are color coded for ease of identification. The adjustable hook can micro adjust vertically and horizontally by a micro threaded screw. All hooks are CNC machined Aluminum and level 3 anodized for precision and durability.  For smooth operation, each hook is fitted with 2 sealed ball bearings whilst the slide hole on hook allows one to do up to 1.5 degree offset without adjusting the position of magnets on Aerovane Jig.

Specification of Aerovane Jig Hook:

  • Red Slide Hook for 0.204" class arrow / A, G, 0, 0e style Firenock
  • Black Slide Hook for 0.244" class arrow / S, E style Firenock
  • Gold Slide Hook for 0.300" class arrow / V, D, J, Q style Firenock
  • Adjustable Hook from 5mm OD to 27/64" OD


1 Hook at your choice 

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