Aerovane Jig

Aerovane Jig is an advanced piece of equipment to do fletching / re-fletching job and is the only jig that can unleash the full potential of what Aerovane can do.  Aerovane Jig not only can fletch Aerovane perfectly, but can also fletch other vanes perfectly.  Like other Firenock products, Aerovane Jig can be customized with Firenock genuine accessories to fit your needs.  Aerovane Jig accessory offering currently are Laser Alignment Module, 2 Index Plug, 7 Index Plug, Adjustable Chuck, Adjustable hook, Arrow Water Leveler, Long Feather Adapter, Production Neck, 4 way Adjustable neck, Aerovane Jig Bag as well as Instant Adhesive AG0600 and AGOGEL to let you fletch / refletch perfectly, easily, and quickly.