Arrow Chamfering Tool
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Arrow Chamfering Tool

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  • Manufacturer: Firenock
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Arrow Chamfering Tool is the best tool to prepare your arrow to install Firenock AeroInsert with Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology as well as Aerobushing Reverse Tapered Collar Technology. This tool will allow you to prepare a perfect 45 degree chamfer of your arrow end quickly and easily, so you can perfectly mate your arrow with AeroInsert / AeroBushing. 

Arrow Chamfering Tool is durable and solidly built, it has a stainless steel frame and has a diamond coated grounding surface.  It is easy to clean and easy to use.  One just attaches the tool to any drill, insert the shaft end into the tool straightly, then run the drill (~ 1500 RPM, usually not more than 3 seconds - grounding time should be long enough to create the beveled 45 degree edge and enough space for gluing).

Arrow Chamfering Tool is available in:

  • 100 grit (coarse) for quick preparation
  • 180 grit (medium) for fine preparation


1 pc Arrow Chamfering Tool in 100 or 180 grit

(Photos shown front and back of tool, only 1 tool is purchased per selection)



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