Destroyer™ AeroPoint 6mm (6)
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Destroyer™ AeroPoint 6mm (6)

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  • Item #: APxxx6
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: APxxx6
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Destroyer™ AeroPoint US Patented Double O-ring System / FACT Technology (other patent pending) will self concentric AeroPoint to your arrow once it is assembled.  Destroyer AeroPoint is available in different weight at 6mm diameter to fit Destroyer AeroInsert-H perfectly and made in stainless for durability and hardness. 

Features of AeroPoint:

  • Angled Forward and Reverser Tapered Shoulder (Pat P)
  • Self Concentric Technology
  • Perfect Match with FACT Broad-heads
  • CNC machined for toughness and accuracy
  • Harden to at least 52 HRC for duirablity
  • Double O-ring System
  • Designed in Illinois and US Patented (# 8337341)
  • 6mm daimeter to fit ADH31S or ADH31T Destroyer AeroInsert-D
  • Avaialble in 45, 55, 65 and 75 grains


  • 6 pcs AeroPoint in Stainless
  • 12 pcs O-ring


  • Always add a small amount of lubricant on O-rings for ease of screwing AeroPoint into Insert / Outsert of your arrow.
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