Firenock offers three specially formulated and bottled adhesive (AG0600, AG0GEL and AGUSSE) for today's archers to fletch vanes and build arrows with excellent results.

  1.     AG0600, curing in nine seconds and ready to shoot in twelve, is best used for fletching Aerovanes or other vanes with the use of the Firenock Aerovane Jig and the Aerovane Stainless Straight Clamp at room temperature.
  2.     AG0GEL, with its capacity to fill gaps in a medium length dry time, is best for installing Firenock Extreme Shock End Caps, re-fletching Aerovanes or other vanes, and fletching offset configuration.
  3.    AGUSSE, is best for building AeroConcept arrows, which involves gluing AeroInserts, AeroOutserts, and Carbon Inner Tubes, as well as gluing other outserts, halfouts, and carbon internal tubings.  AGUSSE, at room temperature, will set in 90 minutes and will cure around 24-36 hours after.