Hunting Circuit for "C/D/D2/F/J/M/Q/S/U/V/Y" Style (3)
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Hunting Circuit for "C/D/D2/F/J/M/Q/S/U/V/Y" Style (3)

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  • Manufacturer: Firenock
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Firenock "C/D/D2/F/J/M/Q/S/U/V/Y" style Hunting Circuit can be used a replacement or upgrade pack for Firenock "C/D/D2/F/J/M/Q/S/U/V/Y" lighted nock.  It is available in 6 LED colors and one can use this pack to customize one’s Firenock lighted nock system for different requirement (e.g. change your Firenock target lighted nock into hunting lighted nock).


  • Ultra bright LED
  • USA made G switch
  • Double side SMT technology
  • Epoxy coated for water resistance
  • Gold plated battery connector
  • Available in 6 LED colors


  • 3 "C/D/D2/F/J/M/Q/S/U/V/Y" style Hunting Circuits

Note: As of May 2014, all new production of Firenock circuits will be with EZ-coil battery connectors only as we have phased out dual loop battery connectors, thus all Firenock circuits with EZ-coil battery connectors must be used with Extreme Shock End Cap, otherwise circuit and battery will be damaged when shooting at hard objects.

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