Hunting Firenock "J" Style Lighted Nock (3)
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Hunting Firenock "J" Style Lighted Nock (3)

Price: $55.95
  • Item #: J3h-*
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: J3h-*
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Firenock “J” style Hunting lighted nock J3h-R/J3h-G for crossbow arrows 

(J=J style nock, 3=3 pack, h=hunting, R=Red LED,  G=Green LED)

  • 3 Hunting circuits in red or green
  • 6 "J" style nocks in red or green
  • 3 Extreme Shock End Caps with O-rings
  • 1 End Cap Installation tool
  • Batteries with O-rings 3-pack (starting at $10.95)
  • AG0GEL: End cap installation super glue GEL ($4.95 off when purchasing as a set)
  • Extreme Matched Weight 3-pack ($4.95 off when purchasing as a set)


  • Gel type super glue (e.g. Firenock AG0GEL, sold separately) is needed to successfully install Extreme Shock End Cap
  • Please check your serving size before purchase, details are as follows: 
    • To be used on crossbow with serving size 0.155+/-0.005" and crossbow arrow shaft with 0.300" ID
    • Tested to work with most Mission MXB with serving size 0.155"
    • DO NOT USE this on Mission 400 or faster crossbows.
  • Always review crossbow manufacturer's instruction and manual before using this product.
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