PAPS (Professional Arrow Preparation System)
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PAPS (Professional Arrow Preparation System)

Price: $374.95
  • Item #: PAPS00
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PAPS
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The Professional Arrow Preparation System (PAPS) by Firenock LLC is the ultimate arrow preparation tool.  With PAPS, one can easily locate the initial bending point / spine of the arrow without subjective judgment.  Optional accessories are also available for PAPS (see below for details).  Now, you can easily locate the point for your cock feather fletching and even measure spine deflection value of your arrow and accurately mark your cock feather position with optional accessories.


  • 1 Track base with inch and mm ruler
  • 1 Spine locating tower
  • 2 Arrow support rollers

 Optional accessories for PAPS

  1. Vibration Generating Module for ease of location for cock feather fletching
  2. Digital Dial Gauge Module for accurate measurement of spine deflection value
  3. PAPS Laser Module to facilitate marking of cock feather position easily and accurately

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