PAPS Vibration Module
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PAPS Vibration Module

Price: $124.95
  • Item #: PAPSVM
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PAPSVM
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The PAPS Vibration Generating Module is an optional accessory for PAPS which it generates a wave of energy for 17 seconds after each push of button to the arrow in a way to make the arrow dynamic spine obvious to feel with your hand while you are rolling the arrow on PAPS.  

The PAPS Vibration Generating Module is powered by 3 pcs common AAA battery and the duration of vibration can be adjusted according to your requirement.  Now, there is no more subjective feeling to locate the highest and lowest spine of the arrow shaft and you can locate your cock feather for every arrow and shot with confidence.


  • 1 Vibration Generating Module (batteries not included) 
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