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  • Item #: RAMCAT
  • Manufacturer: Smoke Broadhead
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The Ramcat Broadhead is the hardest hitting, most accurate broadhead on earth, with an industry leading 1 3/8" cut diameter for the 100 grain whilst 1 1/2" cut for the 125 grain.  Ramcat has a stealth body with unique blade design which outperforms any broadhead on the market in terms of accuracy, penetration and cut diameter.

The Ramcat has a hybrid fixed blade which all its blades are sharpened not only at the front, but also at the rear to allow back cut when pulling the arrow out of the target ("Backcut"). In simple words, Ramcat Broadheads fly with the loaded mass and cut like as if there is no pass and can cut their way backout too!

Ramcat is one of the few broadheads that have proven to work effectively with high speed arrow fletched with Firenock Aerovane II and Ramcat (after 2013) are equipped with Firenock FACT Technology (Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology) which this technology makes Ramcat hit even harder and cut deeper in a more accuracy way without concentricity issue with the insert. 

To cope with higher speed and higher spin rate of arrow fletched with Aerovane III, Firenock x Ramcat co-designed Ramcat AV3 single beveled grind (AV3 SBG).  


1. All models of Ramcat are available in 3 pack and spare blades are also available.

2. AV3 SBG spare blade can be used on every generation and model of Ramcat.

3. Ramcat fitted with AV3 SBG blade will fit most quivers on the market.

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