Target Circuit for Firenock "A/E" Styles (3)
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Target Circuit for Firenock "A/E" Styles (3)

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Firenock "A or E" style Target Circuit can transform your Firenock "A or E" style hunting lighted nock into lighted nock for target and practising.  The Target circuit will be solid lit for 17 seconds once shot (i.e. auto LED off after 17 seconds) and it is the only lighted nock which is approved to be used for Target shooting of IBO and ATA.  

Firenock Target lighted nock can help you to improve your accuracy and performance as you can see the light when you shoot your arrow and you can check the flight path of your arrow and then retune your setting. Meanwhile, you will not be influenced by your last shot as the light has auto off already.


  • Solid lit for 17 seconds once shot and then auto light off
  • IBO and ASA approved
  • USA made G switch
  • Double side SMT technology
  • Epoxy coated for water resistance
  • Gold plated battery connector
  • Available in 6 LED colors


  1. 3 "A or E" style Target Circuits

Note: As of May 2014, all new production of Firenock circuits will be with EZ-coil battery connectors only as we have phased out dual loop battery connectors, thus all Firenock circuits with EZ-coil battery connectors must be used with Extreme Shock End Cap, otherwise circuit and battery will be damaged when shooting into hard objects.

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