Replacement Nock "U" Style
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Replacement Nock "U" Style

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  • Manufacturer: Firenock
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    Firenock replacement "U" style nock pack is the companion accessory for Firenock "U" style lighted nock.  "U" style nock is specially designed (US pat.) to fit crossbow with short trigger box with an anti-dry-fire mechanism that cannot accept normal long nock prongs and with serving size of 0.135".  "U" style nock can also be used as normal nock for standard carbon crossbow arrow with 0.300" ID.


  • Self-concentric system
  • Compression fit system
  • Instant release system
  • Best nock throat design for holding and releasing
  • Firenock lighted nock system ready
  • High precision molded with cavity number marked (e.g., U1 = U style nock, cavity 1)
  • High quality German transparent plastic
  • Available in 3 colors


  • 7 "U" style nocks (Red / Green / Clear)


  • "U" style nock is designed to fit serving size of 0.135 +/-0.005" to be ideal.
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