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  • Item #: ACRANK
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ACRANK
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AeroCrank featured with US Patent field removable, sled width adjustable, and dual silent ratchet system is available for preorder. The standard package includes AeroCrank central unit, standard wedge mount (for mounting onto the skeletonized Scorpyd stock), mounting hardware, and standard AeroCrank handle (with five mounting holes for length adjustment). AeroCrank fitted with a mounting wedge for other specific bows will be available shortly. This AeroCrank comes standard with a multi-patent pending width adjustable sled, which can be used on crossbow rail as wide as 32mm and as thin as 24mm.  The sled also contains an anti-dry fire disengagement plug, which enables manual decock.

After the tests with many crossbows on the market, AeroCrank will not work on crossbows as narrow as the Scorpyd Nemesis.  The most narrow crossbow has to be no smaller than a Scorpyd Aculeus, which is about 14" axle to axle when cocked.
We highly recommended one be purchased the optional stock with mounting bracket preinstalled; this is due to accurate mounting for the wedge cannot be achieved without correct tools with which most people do not have access.

If one is indeed able to install the mount on their stock successfully, you can always return the buttstock within 30 days for a full refund.

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