AeroCrank Extendable Handle
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AeroCrank Extendable Handle

Price: $99.95
  • Item #: ACRHAE
  • Manufacturer: Firenock
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Firenock® AeroCrank™ extendable handle design is based on the proven heavy-duty saltwater fishing reel handle approach, plus a significant update in material and craftmanship.  It comes standard with two engagement nuts which makes it fit All PSE Tac15 series crossbows, the Firenock AeroCrank (all models) as well as most crossbow cranks which utilize a 1/4" square drive. One of the major features of AeroCrank Extendable Handle is that its length can be adjusted from 4" to 6" at 3/8" increment with 2 GR5 custom fasteners as anchors.

The 14mm/0.55" engagement nut provides snuggly, lightweight feel and low profile structure.  The 30mm/1.18" engagement nut is for crossbows that need extra clearance particularly while using large optics or sighting systems.

The handle knob is EVA foam made with 2 precision ball bearings support to provide good grip and extra smooth cranking.  Fastener of handle knob is GR5 Titanium material, so strength and rust are never an issue.

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